The Gospel

The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus.

God is a Holy God, loving Creator and righteous Judge.  He created us in His likeness, and he created us to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever.   But there is a problem: mankind has rebelled against God.  By nature we sin against God’s Law and we go along with what WE think is best for our lives.  As a result of that, we are separated from God; we alienated ourselves from God.  God is a Holy God and can not look upon sin.  So that is BAD NEWS.

JESUS is our GOOD NEWS. He came to earth, from Heaven. Lived a perfect life. Died the death we deserved to die.  Jesus made a way for us to have fellowship with God once again.

What is your response going to be?

With news like this we have to decide one way or another.
Are you going to accept this GOOD NEWS and accept that fact that you need Jesus?