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‘Gateway into Reading’ is a program deigned to assist second language speakers to read English.



Benoni Baptist Church has purchased the program from the Neema Foundation, and would like to serve the community by offering their services.  

Two professional teachers in our congreation  – Marion Rossouw and Jenny Liebenburg - have been trained in this area.  The contract we have with the Neema Foundation requires us to teach 75% of pupils without charge.  The program is then be funded by donations and the 25% of students who can afford to pay.

Each 1-on-1 lesson is 40 minutes long, and will cost R400 a month (4 lessons per month).  The lessons will be given from the church property.

Following the 'Gateway into Reading' program is not a quick fix.  The program takes 3 years to complete, this can be however be accelerated according to the pupil’s progress.


For enquires about lessons or to book an assessment, please contact: Marion Rossouw – 082 057 7529, or Jenny Liebenburg – 072 443 6035.

For more information about the project please speak to Marion Rossouw or visit Neema Foundation