At Benoni Baptist Church we, as Members, seek to live this out in our day to day lives.... 




Having accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour through the love and grace of God the Father and the working of the Holy Spirit, we the Members of the Benoni Baptist Church do hereby give up ourselves to God, individually and corporately, covenanting that -

Under the Headship of Christ we desire to be joined together with other like-minded believers in this local place, as an expression of the Church universal.


We will uphold the ordinances of believers baptism and the Lord’s Supper, believing these to be a public expression of our faith and our willingness to obey God’s command as instructed in His Word.


We will proclaim the Gospel believing this to be the means whereby sinners are convicted of sin and brought to salvation. To that end we will encourage evangelism and missions believing these to be the means where by the gospel is taken to the whole world.


We will strive to be consistent and regular in fellowship, corporate worship, prayer and instruction of the whole counsel of God’s Word.


We will strive to care for the needy, widowed, fatherless among us as an ongoing expression of our love, care and concern for one another.


We seek to walk together in brotherly love and unity, expressing care, concern and watchfulness over each other, encouraging, urging and when necessary, admonishing one another in the effort to be a healthy, holy and joyous Body of Christ.


We will obey and submit to our leaders recognizing they are keeping watch over our souls as those who must give an account to God.


We commit to pray for the leaders God calls and this Body affirms, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ as overseers of this local Church, that they may lead by example demonstrating godliness, consecration, sacrifice and submission to Christ as the Head of the Church.


We will seek to live according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh, believing that God is holy and that those who seek to be called by His name must be holy too.


We will cheerfully give financially to the Church believing this to be a privilege and an act of worship, and the means whereby the local Church facilities, its ministries and the witness of the Church is sustained.


We undertake – when leaving this Church, to seek a new spiritual home as a matter of priority and a means of further expressing our commitment to our Lord, His Church and this covenant.


Recognizing that no man is capable in himself to fulfil the promises made in this covenant, we determine to seek daily, the empowering of the Holy Spirit that we may know the perpetual grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the increasing love of God. May God manifest His presence amongst us increasingly. To Him be all the glory.